Our Union is the AMWU Vehicle Builders and we have a long and proud history.

Our Union is a democratic union based on member representation and giving members a voice.

Our logo of ‘Unity and Progress’ was first used by the Coach Builders Association in England in 1738.

Today Vehicle workers are amongst the highest paid workers in Australia and every gain has been hard won; employers did not give away the wages and conditions that Vehicle workers enjoy today.

Many things have changed over the previous 273 years since our logo was first used but one thing has remained constant;

A belief that through unity, working people make progress.

 Some of the gains our Union has achieved are:
  •  1st blue collar union to achieve long service leave entitlement after 10 years service at 1.3 weeks per year of service.
  •  1st blue collar union to achieve a paid maternity leave entitlement.
  •  Wage increases of between 4-5% over the last 15 years.
  • 38 hour week – PDO/RDO provisions since 1982.
  •  Allowances have doubled.
  •  Provisions in agreements which provide procedures for the handling workers’ grievances with respect and dignity.
There will always be more to improve on and challenges to face. It was only a few short years ago that the Liberal Government tried to smash the Union movement with WorkChoices and re-take all the hard won gains.
Even more recently our Union had to make some innovative, difficult but necessary decisions to protect tens of thousands of jobs in the Automotive Industry through the Global Financial Crisis.
Moving forward our Union continues to fight for the best wage outcomes and conditions for our members in negotiations with employers and continues to commit to representing our Members Rights, and the Rights of Workers everywhere through rallying Governments.

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